Aseptic Apple Juice Concentrate

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In most cases, production process’ of aseptic and non-aseptic apple juice concentrate remains the same until the final section, which is the filling station. Apple concentrate arrives to the final packing station and collected in the feeding tank (also called balance tank or buffer tank). At this point, if an additional heat treatment (final sterilization) is performed, and if the apple juice concentrate is filled into pails (buckets), drums, totes (IBC’s or Bins) or directly into food tankers without any contact with air, then this product is named as aseptic apple juice concentrate. Theoretically, aseptic juice concentrates shouldn’t have any living organisms inside after filling into the desired bulk packaging forms, and this way, aseptic apple juice concentrate can be transported (shipped) and stored at ambient conditions, but without exposing into direct sunlight. So, transportation and storage of aseptic juice concentrates are cost-effective compared to the non-aseptic products.

The shelf life of aseptic apple juice concentrate is mostly declared as 2 years at ambient conditions without opening. The only disadvantage of aseptic apple juice concentrate is that, the color of the final product might be a bit darker because of the extra heat treatment, which is the final sterilization process performed right before the filling section.

bulk apple concentrate in pails drums totes and tanker trucks

We would like to hear about your aseptic apple juice concentrate inquiries from 5 gallon pails (buckets), 55 gallon drums (barrels) and 220 gallon totes (IBC), and even up to much larger volumes for multiple truck load or container load quantities with a year-round supply.


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