Cloudy Orange Juice Concentrate

If the cloudy orange juice obtained after the juice extraction is not subject to clarification and filtration, then it’s called the cloudy orange juice, and the concentrated orange juice after evaporation is called the cloudy orange juice concentrate. Cloudy orange juice concentrate has a more natural appearance with the orange pulp inside the juice, but its shelf-life is shorter than the clear juice, and the limitations of evaporation up to higher concentrations the cloudy orange juice concentrate to be less favorable by the orange juice concentrate producers.

cloudy orange juice concentrate

We would like to hear about your cloudy orange juice concentrate inquiries from 5 gallon pails (buckets), 55 gallon drums (barrels) and 220 gallon totes (IBC), and even up to much larger volumes for multiple truck load or container load quantities with a year-round supply.
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orange juice concentrate bulk pails drums totes


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