Deionised Apple Juice Concentrate

deionised apple juice concentrate

The main purpose of purifying most fruit juices is to take advantage of their naturally high sugar content. Most fruit juices contain approximately 10 to 15% sugars in varying proportions of sucrose, glucose and fructose depending upon the type of fruit. The juice processing plant, in purifying a portion of their juice, can take advantage of this sugar source by using it as a substitute for purchased sugar in their canning and bottling lines. Purified fruit juices are also used in various juice-added soft drinks. The common purification processes include decolorization, deflavorization and demineralization. Apple juice is purified either by activated powdered carbon for color and flavor reduction or by polymeric adsorbents and ion exchange resins. At the end of the process, after the deionized or decolorized apple juice is pushed though the evaporator in order to obtain the deionised apple juice concentrate. What you get is the sugar of the apple juice. Decolorized apple juice concentrate is used in many industrial process’ as a natural sweetener.

bulk apple concentrate in pails drums totes and tanker trucks

We would like to hear about your deionised apple juice concentrate inquiries from 5 gallon pails (buckets), 55 gallon drums (barrels) and 220 gallon totes (IBC), and even up to much larger volumes for multiple truck load or container load quantities with a year-round supply.


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